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Goodbye Flu

Hey Bookworms,

Sorry for being MIA for a bit! I, unfortunately, got hit with the flu bug. Urgent Care is a fortune when you don't have insurance and no matter what you do you have to ride the flu out. So, after a lot of medication, boxes of tissue and endless cough drops later... finally made it out alive! Being able to type this post without wanting to vomit is a dream come true.

Regular routine posts will continue once things settle this week as everything is a bit chaotic.

Happy Reading, Bookworms!

An Irish Read

St. Patrick's Day is only a few days away at most. So, how about an irish read for the irish holiday?

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts is another series of hers that takes place in Ireland, and is definitely worth the read. Nora Roberts was my very first favorite author. All of the series that I've read by her that take place in Ireland were good. Dark Witch is the most recent one for me. Dark Witch is the first book in The Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy. Dark Witch is a fantasy yet paranormal trilogy with the usual romance. The reviews on this book is a hit or miss but it was definitely a hit for me. 

Five Feet Apart

Happy Book To Movie Tuesday, Bookworms!

Have any of you heard of the book Five Feet Apart? It's a young adult novel revolving around two teenagers with unfortunate health issues written by Rachael Lippincott. I haven't read the book but have heard of it. When the Five Feet Apart movie started showing previews on TV that lead me to wonder if it was based on the book, which it turns out the movie is in fact based on the book. Have you read the book? Drop us a comment in the box below!

A Duchess For All Seasons

Browsing around for a good e-book freebie I happened along The Winter Duchess by Jillian Eaton, which lead me into purchasing other books in the series. The Winter Duchess is the first book in the A Duchess For All Seasons series by Jillian Eaton. Bonus: The Winter Duchess e-book format is free for prime members and kindle unlimited members on but has a pricetag of 99 cents. The rest of the books in the series do as well.

A Path Down the Green Mile...

Happy Book to Movie Tuesday, Bookworms!

This Tuesday I am introducing you to The Green Mile. I have never read The Green Mile novel, which is written by Stephen King. If you're a King fan then chances are you have read it. What is your take on the book? Drop us a comment in the box below!

Stepping away from the book, I have definitely seen The Green Mile movie (adapted from King's 1996 novel). It is without a doubt an amazing movie. If you haven't seen it I suggest watching it at least once in your life. The movie is a little on the long side, so make sure you have time to watch it first.