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Ashes to Ink - 01/22

For fans of the Montgomery Ink series Ms. Carrie Ann Ryan has written the spin-off series Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs. On January 22nd Ashes to Ink gets released. Ashes to Ink is a novella after the second book in the series, Restless Ink.

For those of you that haven't read any contemporary ink books try giving Montgomery Ink a try. It is a longer series so you don't have to leave your favorite environment too quickly. Grab your copy of Ashes to Ink by clicking here!

Ashes to Ink
by Carrie Ann Ryan

Back in Denver, Abby lost everything she ever loved, except for her daughter, the one memory she has left of the man she loved and lost. Now, she’s moved next to the Montgomerys in Colorado Springs, leaving her past behind to start her new life.

One step at a time.

Ryan is the newest tattoo artist at Montgomery Ink Too and knows the others are curious about his secrets. But he’s not ready to tell them. Not yet. That is…until he meets Abby.

Abby and Ryan thought they had their own paths, ones that had nothing to do with one another. Then…they took a chance.


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