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Lisa Kleypas Does It Again

Not a shock, but Lisa Kleypas did it again. She drew me into yet another one of her historical romance books.

Dreaming of You is the second book in The Gamblers of Craven's series by Lisa Kleypas. She did it again with another hit!

Hallmark E-Book Giveaway

Christmas is here a little early for Hallmark Bookworms! On Hallmark's website they are giving away free e-book copies of Christmas In Evergreen by Nancy Naigle. The e-book is also available on but it does cost $5.99, so be sure to get your free copy before time runs out!

If you haven't already seen the movie I suggest looking out for it on Hallmark's TV channel. It is definitely a Christmas Hallmark movie that shouldn't be missed.

Last Yet First Hathaway Book

So, I finally finished The Hathaways series, in reverse as stated in a previous post. Mine Till Midnight was the first book in the series and the last one that I read. It was a lot better than expected and I can definitely see why they have their own scenes throughout the series. Thankyou, Lisa Kleypas, for yet another amazing series!

Losing a Loved One

The holidays seem to be the worst time of the year when it comes to losing a loved one as well as dealing with the pain of losing a loved one. My Father passed away this year, something I will never forget nor get over. In some ways he was my best friend. No one really understands the pain that comes from losing a spouse, child, sibling, etc. until they go through it. Because of that there really aren't many people that you can talk to about the subject who completely understand. Some cities do have group meetings for those who have lost loved ones (provided it's not too far to drive to) and then there are people who are very much solitary and prefer one on one over going to group meetings. There are also people who tend to close up and not wish to speak to anyone about losing their loved one.