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Book Rut Begone!

So, I think I might have actually gotten out of that awful book rut! I tried diving into a book from the Secret Book Santa challenge for the hundedth time. This time it actually worked! So, thankyou Racing Hearts by Candi Heart!

It is such a relief to be out of that awful book rut. That was the longest book rut that I have ever been in. Time to dive into a sea of books!

Lovely Book Rut

Book ruts can be the worst for a bookworm. I am in a big book rut. No matter what book I try to read I can't get into it at all, that includes books from the Secret Book Santa challenge. So, in an attempt to get out of the book rut I started reading fanfics on Hopefully that will kick said book rut out!

As for fanfics, I am mostly reading Riverdale fanfics. I am a definite Betty and Jughead shipper but when it comes to fanfics I am all the way Betty and Sweet Pea. If any of you are interested in some good Betty and Sweet Pea fanfics drop a comment below.

Hope the rest of you aren't going through a book rut too!

New V.C. Andrews Book!

V.C. Andrews is one of the authors that I remember the most from my childhood. My Favorite series above all by her is the Hudson series. I've read the series multiple times. The Hudson series is also how I discovered V.C. Andrews, even though she is famously known for Flowers In the Attic.