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What Have You Been Reading?

Halloween is just around the corner! There are plenty of creepy and not so creepy books to read for this month, some that are Halloween themed and some that aren't.

What are you reading to get into the spirit of Halloween? Do you bypass Halloween altogether?

Hope each and every one of you are stuck in a great book, creepy or not!

Book Rut Officially Gone!

Still being stuck in a book rut to a degree, I decided to download a few e-book freebies from Fast forward a little while later on after trying to read a couple of them and not getting past the first 3 "pages"... I gave it one more try. Releasing Rage by Cynthia Sax sounded a bit different from the books that I normally read. I have read plenty of paranormal books but never one that revolved around cyborgs. Maybe I got lucky with this book in particular but either way it got me out of the infamous book rut! The e-book was actually hard to put down. Thankyou Mrs. Sax!

Releasing Rage is the first book in the Cyborg Sizzle series. It is also on the shorter end of pages, being 195 pages long. If you like paranormal romance books but have always been hesitant with cyborg PNR (paranormal romance) books then I highly suggest giving the Cyborg Sizzle series a try. Get the e-book of Releasing Rage while it is available to download for free on here.

Happy reading, Bookworms!

New Romance Book Perfect For Fall

Scrolling through Instagram there are mostly useless sponsored ads that pop up on the feed. However, today I ran across one for a book. What bookworm can see an ad for any book and not at least glance to see what it is?!? The ad looked interested so I took it to to check out the book, Fooled Around and Spelled In Love by Michelle M. Pillow (Yes, that's the correct last name!).

Spooky Reads Month!

It's that time of the year! Fall is in swing, the holidays are just around the corner, not to mention there are holiday themed books to be read!

To kick off the month of October I have compiled a short list of "spooky" books for all of the bookworms and newcomers to Insomnia Book Club. On the plus side, a few of the e-book versions on the list are currently available to download for free on

Spooky Reads

(E-book currently free on Click Here.)

But the former mean girl has to hide behind costumes if she wants to scare the pants off Brendan, the horror geek with the power to make or break her haunted house. Because Brendan is the nerd Nora used to torment in middle school. But now he's all grown up and so scary hot, even her zombie heart starts beating. 

And he's looking a bit too long at her bloody fishnet stockings. 

Nora has to be everything she's not this Halloween so she can hide her true self and terrify Brendan. Not to mention protect her heart.