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Stand Up To Cancer Online Fundraiser

Hey Bookworms,

Some of you might be going through cancer, have gone through cancer or knows someone who has. Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) has been making a huge impact on treatment for cancer of the years. Because of that I have started an online fundraiser through SU2C. You can check it out here. Not everyone is able to donate but for those who would like to help out you can do so by spreading the word about SU2C and sharing the online fundraiser link:

A big thanks to everyone!

Secret Book Santa Mini Reviews - Fall Season

Time for another round of Secret Book Santa . My partner for Fall's Secret Book Santa gets major points for choosing Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, the 5th book in the amazing Throne of Glass series, for one of my books.

As each book is completed I'll update this blog post with an additional mini book review.

Fall's Secret Book Santa Picks:
  1. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas
  2. Saved by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage
  3. To Save a Sinner by Adele Clee
  4. Beauty and the Beast by May Sage
  5. Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan

For information on Secret Book Santa check out the blog post on it here.

Insomnia Book Club Swag Shop Now Open

Hey Bookworms!

Insomnia Book Club now has a Cafe Press shop online. Check it out here.

Be on the look out for other designs in the future. Apologies in advanced for the prices on the products. Only a very small percentage goes to I.B.C.

If there is anything in particular that anyone would like to see in the shop be sure to comment or send an e-mail.