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Book Review: Maybe This Time

Just finished Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie. It was a randomly purchased used paperback book from a long while ago. Maybe This Time is a standalone novel (3 cheers for that!) and falls into the contemporary genre with supernatural mixed in due to the ghosts in the story. Not only are there ghosts but there's a divorced couple, a new fiance, two very hard to handle orphans, and a variety of amusing and not so amusing characters. With all that said it was definitely a great read. I've read a few other books by Jennifer Crusie in the past and all of the ones that I read were enjoyable.

Take a ride with real life issues as well as ghostly supernatural issues with Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie.

"You were the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. Nothing else like you in my world before or since."

Meet North. A workaholic who is financially wealthy with a loving, though dramatic and hard to deal with at times, family. He is glued to his work desk so when he becomes the guardian of two problematic orphans he unintentionally enlists the help of his ex-wife. A nonbeliever in ghosts who learns that the impossible can be possible in both the supernatural and real world.

"I'd talk to Satan to get cable."

Meet Andie. A woman full of life who has grown up over the years. After what she thought was a good marriage she is now engaged 10 years later to a man that adores her but disapproves of her taking the job on as caretaker to her ex-husband's orphans. A nonbeliever in the supernatural of ghosts or spirits she begins to see things for what they really are all while falling a little more every day for the troublesome children she agreed to care for temporarily.


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