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Agent N6: Dylan Cover Reveal

The cover for Agent N6: Dylan by Joni Hahn was recently revealed!

Agent N6: Dylan is the 6th book in The D.I.R.E Agency series. The scheduled release date is listed differently on various websites. You can expect it to be released some time between July 1st and July 31st. Let's hope for the 1st of July!

Agent N6: Dylan is one of Insomnia Book Club's books of the month for July but if it is not released until the end of July then a new book will be chosen in its place.

Agent N6: Dylan by Joni Hahn

Third generation Marine
Mongolian prison survivor


Third generation Marine Dylan McCall has only one goal in mind: revenge. Armed with a new, scientific enhancement, he won’t rest until he destroys Cyrus Matheson’s plans.

Geneticist Teague Hamilton wants nothing more than a healthy baby of her own. Raised in a girls’ home, she knows Cyrus’s genetic engineering technology is her only chance at gaining the family she wants.

Dylan can’t get enough of D.I.R.E.’s confident, sexy-as-hell geneticist, even though his gut tells him she’s hiding something. He won’t rest until he tames her and brings her deception to light.

When Cyrus draws Teague out of D.I.R.E.’s protective custody and takes her to the past, she uncovers lies that prove she’s never controlled her own destiny, while Dylan travels back in time to save her before it's too late.

Can Dylan rescue Teague in time, or will he lose the woman he loves forever?

Obamacare Failed

This isn't a book related topic but an important one nonetheless.

Obamacare wasn't anything at all like I thought it would be. My Mother has never in all her life had bad insurance until this year. Her monthly premium is triple (or more) the amount that it was before obamacare went into place and now her insurance covers less. At these prices you have to decide if you want a roof over your head and food on the table or health insurance (I opted out of it and am no longer insured due to the premium prices). On top of that she does automatic payment with them and they didn't take out for the most recent month. Instead of contacting her they sent letters out to all of her doctors stating that she didn't make her monthly payment. If that isn't an invasion of privacy then I don't know what is, not to mention a lie. To speak to someone regarding anything at all you have to play ping pong between the insurance company and the healthcare marketplace, which you have to sit on hold for an insanely long time. If you're lucky someone will answer within an hour and not actually hang up on you. It is also hard getting questions answered because hardly anyone has any answers to questions other than to the ones that you already know via their websites. It doesn't surprise me anymore that some people have committed suicide over this kind of thing. The new obamacare insurance destroys people/families financially and causes an obscene amount of stress unless you're one of the lucky few who are in the income bracket to receive insurance for very little or free. For those who are unable to receive affordable insurance (decent coverage as well) or free insurance then obamacare is a complete nightmare. I hope that someone fixes this horribly broken "insurance" system soon. Preferably before it causes many more people to go through the unnecessary  madness of the new "healthcare insurance".

June BotM Review: Hades

So, the 1st of the month was only yesterday but when I started reading one of June's book of the month, Hades by Larissa Ione, I just couldn't put it down. Hades is the most recently released novella for the Demonica series by Larissa Ione. The novella tells the story of Hades and Cataclysm, both being previous characters from the books. You also get to see Azagoth, Lilliana and Reaver again too!

The downside to the book length is that while Azagoth's book was 200 pages Hades is only 100 pages but if you really enjoy shorter length books then you shouldn't be disappointed in the length of it. Some may argue whether you can read Hades as a stand alone or not but in my opinion you can jump right in without reading the rest of the series as long as you don't mind doing so.

Fall back down into Sheoul-gra as Hades by Larissa Ione gives us a closer look at the demon world (Sheoul-gra) again.

He was starving for female contact. Maybe this little bit would be enough. And maybe he was lying to himself.

 Meet Hades. The Underworld Jailor with a blue mohawk. Evil is his domain, right? He is bound in a way that would leave any sane person frustrated. He does his job and he does his job well. No one has tempted him in on such an emotional scale. That is until a fiery mane that's angelic with just a dash of something else enters the Underworld by accident.

"You're evil, but there's good in you, as well."

Meet Cataclysm. She was once a full haloed angel but now she is neither a haloed angel nor a fallen angel. She is unfallen, trying to earn her way back into heaven while refusing to become a fallen angel. The cause for her to become an unfallen? Something that wasn't entirely her fault, though some may feel differently on that. Now she is trapped in the demon world.

Due to an innocent accident Cataclysm becomes trapped in the demon world and Hades tries to get her out only to find out that he, the Underworld Jailor, is trapped too. Time is not on there side for this. Cataclysm has to get out of the demon world before time runs out and the most fearsome demons destroy them all, including Hades. In the middle of all of this Hades has to keep away from Cataclysm or face Azagoth's wrath.

June's Books of the Month

June's books of the month are Hades by Larissa Ione and Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge. Send in your confessions to and or join in the discussion on the group.

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