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The 100 TV Show VS. The Hundred Book Series

Not long ago I finished watched season 2 of The 100. I'm completely obsessed with the show, which is rare. So much that I've been reading fanfics to pass the time until season 3 airs (October is so far away!  ). To also help with this I decided to read The Hundred book series by Kass Morgan, which is where the show's idea originated from, and I was going to skip the first book but after hearing from some of the nice people in The 100 fandom on I decided not to.

Reading The Hundred book series will not make any sense of the The 100 TV show just as watching the TV show will not make any sense of the books. They are very different from one another but with the same basis to them. From what I read the TV show was written back when only the first book was out and even then they only had an outline of the book.

So far I've read the first book, The 100, and a portion of the second book, Day 21. The books and the TV show are most definitely different. For those of you who are fans of Wells from the TV show you'll be happy to know that Wells is still alive so far in the book series. Day 21 is definitely a book for "Bellarke" fans! If I had to choose between the books and the TV show I would choose the TV show (minus the Bellarke moments - yes, I'm a Bellarke shipper, please don't kill me! Hah.) because there is so much more involved in the TV show. So far I'm liking the books though.

If anyone would like any recommendations for The 100 fanfics feel free to ask in the comments section below! ^.^

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