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Over the Ocean By Danielle Rohr Giveaway

Giveaway time from Danielle Rohr in the form of a Valentine treat!

Message from Danielle Rohr to Insomnia Book Club members/readers -

We are giving away as many e-copies of Over the Ocean by Danielle Rohr by Danielle Rohr as requested.
Step #1. Grab your e-book, read, post a review.
Step #2. Message Danielle Rohr via e-mail with a link to your posted review.
(the more places you post the more entries you get)
You are now entered into a drawing for a $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift card, with a second name drawn for a $15.00 Amazon gift card. Winners can claim their prizes via e-mail or USPS.

To get your free copy, go to the address below between Friday February 6th and Monday February 9th.

Drawing will take place on February 28th!

We are beginning a review roundup, that includes: free e-books, a drawing to giveaway a $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift card, and a $15.00 Amazon gift card.

Send an e-mail to for Danielle Rohr's e-mail address. I.B.C. isn't disclosing the author's e-mail address in this post for privacy reasons. Be sure to mention this giveaway in your e-mail.


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