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Kenyons Minions Introduces Different Kind of Love Challenge

In a rut and looking for a different kind of book challenge that also has a reward at the end of it? One of my favorite groups on, Kenyons Minions, is having a book challenge for the month of February. It's called Different Kind of Love Challenge. The team that finishes the challenge first wins an gift card.

Here are the rules, posted from the group challenge:

Your mission is to form teams of 2 or 3 members and read 9 books that must fulfill each "love" category presented on the list. Which ever team finishes all 9 books/"love" category first, will be presented with a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Sound simple enough?

Here are the different types of love/categories you must choose a book for:

1. Family Love(not incest, but loving bonds between mother and her children, or siblings, etc.)

2. Friends to Lovers

3. Love for the character's job/hobby (passionate about work or a special hobby they have)

4. Love of animals(taking care of pets, vet, kind of thing)

5. Love for a cherished item/possession

6. Unrequited Love

7. Enemies to Lovers

8. Love for something or someone that is different(alien, supernatural character, if a character has fallen in love with a object, etc.)

9. Love reincarnated(if the character's significant other comes back as someone with a new identity, zombie, or in the traditional sense of the word is re-born into someone new)

If anyone is interested follow this link to check out the challenge. New to the Kenyons Minions group? If you're in need of team members for the book challenge you can comment on this post in search of one or more or just ask in the Kenyons Minions group. They're really nice people ^.^.


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