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Interview With Tabitha Conall

Today, Tabitha Conall will be joining us. She is the author of the series Colliding Worlds and The Stonewall Pack Alpha. Her most recent release of Her Vampire Mate is the 4th book in the Colliding Worlds series. If you love shifter books then you’re in for quite a treat with her novella length stories.

Without further ado please welcome Ms. Tabitha Conall!

Insomnia Book Club [I.B.C]: First off, congratulations on the recent release of Her Vampire Mate! Are you excited for the release of it?

Conall: Very excited!  I had a great time writing Her Vampire Mate and was happy to see other people enjoy it too.  :)

I.B.C: How did you come up with the ideas for the world of Colliding Worlds? The world is very unique.

Conall: Thank you!  As a kid and a teenager, I loved science fiction and fantasy and read it voraciously.  I still read some fantasy these days although the majority of what I read is romance.  In any case, I think Colliding Worlds came from pulling together a lot of disparate ideas from all of that fantasy and science fiction that I'd read.  And I'm mentioning science fiction too, because while the stories come down on the fantasy side of things, the basis for the colliding dimensions is science, my own spin on the multi-worlds theory from quantum mechanics.

I.B.C: If you could only choose one book out of all of the books you have written which one would be your favorite?

Conall: Hmm. I love them all, but I think if I could only choose one I'd choose Her Forbidden Alpha.  I actually wrote that before Her Kilted Wolf, making it the first book I wrote in Colliding Worlds.  Plus, I loved the characters and the idea of these human supremacists who were pretty much survivalists fighting with the werewolves.

I.B.C: Do you think you will ever venture into writing in a genre outside of paranormal romance?

Conall: I can definitely see myself writing in another sub-genre of romance, although right now I just love the shifters so much I don't want to change yet.  :)  If I wrote something in a completely different genre I might put it under another pen name so it didn't get confusing.  It would depend.

I.B.C: Is there any author in particular that inspires you?

Conall: Kresley Cole.  She was the first paranormal romance author I fell in love with and even now when I start one of her books I need to have time blocked out because I won't be able to put it down.  I want to write like that, to give my readers that kind of experience.

I.B.C: In your opinion which couple is the perfect couple in any of the books that you have written?

Conall: Hmm.  I think that's a battle between Darius and Aislinn from Her Forbidden Alpha and Lachlan and Keira from Her Scottish Alpha.  If I had to choose only one, I think I'd choose Lachlan and Keira.  In spite of being at odds, they had a comfortable affection for each other that I think is great.

I.B.C: Last but of course not least, how do you normally spend your time during the holidays?

Conall: I spend the holidays with my family.  Not just the holidays, either--birthdays, too.  My mother likes for us all to get together as much as possible.  :)


Yay!! I'm so glad you were able to do this interview Miss Amaya!! Woohoo!!


Thanks so much for interviewing me! :)


You're very welcome, Ms. Conall!


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