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Interview With Guy Stanton III

Please give a big welcome to Guy Stanton III, who is not only the first western author that Insomnia Book Club has interviewed but also the first male author! It is an honor to interview you as our first male author, Mr. Stanton.

Mr. Stanton currently has four series; The Warrior Kind, The Agents for Good, Water Wars and The Wind Drifters.

Pull up a chair and either relax with something warm to drink or pull out your notepad (paper or digital) to jot down notes as Guy Stanton III allows us a glimpse into his world as an author.

Insomnia Book Club [I.B.C]: The first book to your series The Wind Drifters was recently released. Was it fun and or hard to write about such a different world compared to just a regular western?

Stanton: Definitely fun! In a way the writing of The Wind Drifters varies little from my other writing. I like reading a well written ‘regular western’, but as an author I crave to many fantasy type elements to satisfy myself by just writing within the genre and not throwing something in to jazz it up as I have by adding the sci/fi elements throughout The Wind Drifters.

I.B.C: Fire Wind is definitely "clean" on the violence scale. You have quite a talent for writing about action and violence while still keeping things clean in a way yet still manage to keep a reader on the edge of their seat. Do you purposely try to keep things clean in Fire Wind for a reason or did it somehow end up that way all on its own?

Stanton: It just comes naturally. I see what I write like it’s a movie reel materializing before my mind’s eye. To write a book one doesn’t describe every detail that is seen, but rather one says enough to convey the emotion and action that’s at play and the reader’s mind is left to fill in the details. For instance if there’s a fictional sword fight going on ‘Ronin fell to his knees, as the steeled edge of the sword was ripped free of his middle by the Beastman of Allaganor. Vainly he tried to hold back his life’s blood from draining out, but the sands of the arena consumed it hungrily, as he was not the first to fall prey to the killer that now strode triumphantly away.’ I don’t feel like I need to mention that the man’s intestines are exploding out of the hole in his stomach or that the air reeks of the smell of blood and stomach bile. I think the reader can fill all that in for themselves. To mention in detail all that is physically being experienced is to draw away from the spiritual component of the moment. The man’s dying. He’s not absorbed in the details of his death so much as that he is dying and I tend to think that’s how the reader should experience the moment as well.

I.B.C: You're the very first male author that Insomnia Book Club has had the honor of interviewing. How does that make you feel?

Stanton: Honored. Even as this is a first for the Insomnia Book Club I in turn have never been interviewed by a book club. Thank you very much on both accounts!

I.B.C: The Wind Drifters isn't your only series. What series would you say has been the most enjoyable for you to write so far?

Stanton: Hmmm that’s a tough one. I’d say it’s a tossup between The Wind Drifters and my first series The Warrior Kind. The problem to answer that one honestly is that there are books in any of my four series out on the market that were more fun to write than one or two of the other books in the series simply because different books feature changed circumstances and some situations are just more fun to write, while the topics of other series books while meaningful just aren’t so fun for me overall.

I.B.C: Do you think that the western genre in books is a popular genre for readers or one of those genres where it's not for everyone?

Stanton: I think for the most part the western genre has seen its heyday, literary speaking, and is on the way down in the minds of readers as a genre to love. So to fix that, I’m writing this series to give the genre a good kick in the pants and lift it back into the limelight. Just kidding. In truth I write because I want to write. I like well written westerns and so I’ve finally gotten around to writing some and its been fun. Will I write nothing but westerns from now on? The answer to that is definitely no. In fact I’m dying to write the third book of my Water Wars series, which will feature a contemporary setting with thrown in Indiana Jones archeological action all paced within a thriller type atmosphere. In short I don’t limit myself as to what I write.

I.B.C: Have any authors been an inspiration for you?

Stanton: There have been many. Louis L’Amour taught me what toughness and respect should look like in the form of a man, who faces his own battles. Tolken showed me what fantasy is all about. Jane Austin taught me of the sensitivities to be had in a relationship between a man and a woman (One very boring summer as a boy I’d read all I could find to read so I raided my sister’s Austin collection and I consider myself richer for the experience). Romance books ranging from historical to erotic. That last might surprise my generous host since the first book of mine she’s read, Fire Wind, doesn’t have a concurrent romance plotline included, but generally that’s not the case. I like my romance and lots of it, but like my violence scenes I like to keep it clean. 

I.B.C: If you could choose to keep only one book in the world by any author what book would it be and why?

Stanton: I’d have to go with the Bible, but literary speaking if I had to choose it would be Fair Blows the Wind, By Louis L’Amour. As an author Louis L’Amour is often thought of as a western author only, but such is not the case. He had quite a few stories that were more of the epic fantasy genre and Fair Blows the Wind is one of them. It features a story crafted around the early colonization of America’s first colonial outposts by a few and very bold characters. There are sword fights, naval battles, intrigue, harrowing escapes and most importantly of all the rescue of the main character’s damsel in distress. It ends with a man whose lived bold and free and carved out with the strength of his hand a place for his family to live and grow strong in. What more could you want in a story than that.

I.B.C: Finally, last but not least, what are some of your favorite hobbies outside of writing?

Stanton: I love gardening whether its vegetables or flowers. Building a rock wall, as part of an overall landscape, from the base up is joy itself. I don’t find much time anymore to read as I once did, but that is something I greatly enjoy. Let’s see what else…. Shooting guns, working on the family farm, real time strategy computer games, and coloring fairytale picture books with my two young daughters.

Thank you very much for interviewing me Jennifer and thank you Insomnia Book Club for reading.

Have a Blessed Day Everyone,
Guy Stanton III – Author of Exciting Christian Fiction with an edge

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