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Fifty Shades of Grey Fun Movie Facts

Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie based on the book, is officially released today. There are many that are excited for this release and others that are kind of "eh" about it.

Recently, I.B.C had a poll on asking what everyone's thoughts on the Fifty Shades of Grey book are. Based on the few who voted, most voters didn't love the book but they didn't hate it either.

Inside of Glamour magazine's March 2015 edition a hot topic can be found on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Jamie Dornan (actor for Christian Grey's role) and Dakota Johnson (actress for Anastastia Steele's role) are featured on the cover on this edition of Glamour magazine. Mr. Dornan and Ms. Johnson were interviewed for their roles in the movie. Personally speaking, I'm not a fan at all of Fifty Shades of Grey but after reading the interviews of the main actor and actress I was actually impressed. Both, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, were nothing at all what I expected personality wise for those roles. In fact, based on both of their responses in the interview(s), neither Mr. Dornan nor Ms. Johnson would actually like Christian Grey if he were a real life person.

There's a possibility that there isn't as much nudity in this film as many might think that there is for a few reasons. The film will now be shown in regular movie theaters rather than "adult movie theaters". There is also a different director for the movie than previously. The director is female incase any of you are wondering. Whether the movie is good or not I'm glad to see it be directed by someone else since one of the previous directors was a jerk in my opinion. Another reason that it might not be as much nudity is because comments have been made in various places that you only see Mr. Dornan's rear end, which there are plenty of movies where an actor's rear end is seen in full view. This isn't to say that there isn't much nudity in the film but just a guess. I bring up the nudity factor because so many seem to be focused on it and want to see plenty of nudity. I would like to point out though that if anyone is going to see this film just because of that then the excitement really isn't over the plot and the movie it's self, however there are a few ways of viewing that opinion wise.

Here is another interesting fact: Mr. Dornan and Ms. Johnson weren't that comfortable doing some of the things that they had to do, according to the interview(s) with Glamour magazine. Johanna Johnson got a whiplash at some point from being thrown onto the bed. She also wasn't that comfortable being naked in front of so many people. Jamie Dornan didn't feel comfortable when it came to some of the things that he had to do to Dokota Johnson as he grew up in a family where you take care of and respect women.

How do you feel about the movie and or books, Bookworms? If you saw the movie do you think it followed the book well? Let us know in the comments section below or discuss the Fifty Shades of Grey movie here in the discussion topic in I.B.C's group.


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