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Shark Shifter Series

So, I recently started reading the first book to a shifter series, Touching Paradise by Cleo Peitsche. I came across it for the kindle because the first e-book to the series is free for download. The cover looks like your typical cliche romance and or shifter romance book cover, minus the shark. 

First off, I love sharks but the idea of a shark shifter book series in the romance genre nonetheless did seem a bit far fetched so to speak as to whether or not it would actually be good. I kept going back to that e-book a few times before finally caving and downloading it. So the journey of reading it had finally started. I opened up the e-book and began to read through a tiny bit of the beginning of it. It seemed like it wasn't going to be THAT bad and that it could actually be an okay book. What was the point of reading something that didn't seem like it was going to be any good in the first place? Well, my curiosity got the best of me just because of the simple fact that the book has shark(s) in it. So, a little more into reading and what do you know.... not only is the plot holding my interest but the "shark shifter" part of things is actually good! 

I definitely recommend Touching Paradise to anyone who is into shifter romance books and who wouldn't mind taking a plunge into trying a "shark" shifter romance series. All of the e-books are on the shorter side, the assuming last one in the series and third one is the longest one running about 151 pages in length.


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