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Agent S5: Jaydan - A Tie Amongst Favorites

Finished up Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn the other night. My favorite books in this series, The D.I.R.E Agency, have always been tied with the second and third book but now Mrs. Hahn has gone and written another book that has me unable to choose between three favorites with the addition of Agent S5: Jaydan.

Agent S5: Jaydan definitely doesn't leave out what the rest of the books in the series have. Action, suspense and romance. If you've read the previous book, Agent M4: Riordan, then you might have your doubts about the heroine in Agent S5: Jaydan. Rest assured though that the heroine is definitely a really good heroine to read about!

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Thank you! You just made my week!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :D


You're very welcome! It was an amazing addition to the series. I absolutely loved it!


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