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Surprising Turn Out For a Biker Book

Recently I finished a contemporary book called The Possibility of Trey by J.A. Hornbuckle from her Hellion MC series, which some would also consider a "biker book" due to the theme of it. I get on the picky side when it comes to those kind of books because only certain ones seem to grab at me so to speak.

My absolute favorite "biker" series is Thompson & Sons by Vivian Arend. With that said, based on The Possibility of Trey alone, it's quite possible that Hellion MC will become my second favorite "biker series".

Thompson & Sons and Hellion MC are definitely worth checking out if you like "biker" books or are interested in reading one in general.

Until next time....

Happy reading, Bookworms!


I can rec some biker books if you want. I might even have a few I can lend you. One of my favorites is called the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series. Long name I know, but they're great! The Feral Breed is a group of bikers that police the wolf shifters in the US. They each have a fated mate, which finding her is what the books are about. And there's a new spin off series, called The Gathering, about a Gathering the National Association of Lycan Brotherhood, the ruling body of Lycans, puts together every year for all packs that are members can come to to up their chances of finding their fated mate. There are three short stories in The Gathering series, and 6 or 7 books planned in the Feral Breed series, and they're not super long either.


Those sound really good actually. I'll have to check them out on Good Reads. Thanks for the suggestions! Biker theme mixed in with shifters theme does sound interesting.


I'm pretty sure that I've given every book in the Feral Breed series, and I know I have in the Gathering books, five stars. They have an ongoing mystery that I think is connected, though I'm not 100% on it its all the same bad guy, since we haven't met him yet. But there's several books left in the series, so all kinds of places to go with it!! I'll try to remember to check their lending status, because unfortunately they don't fall in my normal price compared to pages ratio, but so far I don't mind a bit! And they're all pretty short, which I know is your fave! I'll send you a rec on the first one, to make them easier to find, on goodreads.


Five stars on Good Reads does sound good ^.^. Oooh, the series is still ongoing then. They do sound like they could be really good. Haha, its okay. If you don't have them to lend no worries but thanks just the same ^.^. Yeah, these days shorter books are definitely helpful. Thanks! Even though I ran a step ahead and added them on Good Reads, haha. Assuming the ones I added are the same ones that you spoke of that is.


The first three I have for lending, but the Gathering ones I don't. Those are seriously short, like around 50 pages I think. Thirty minute to an hour type of read. Other than the possibility of making political allies and enemies, there wasn't much action of the non-lovin' variety.


That's awesome, Angie ^.^. No worries. What's really amazing is when you see an author write a really short e-book yet manage to have it hold your interest the entire time. By the way, not sure if you're interested or not but I do have Marked by Sarah Fine that I can lend to you if you want it.


I just signed up for kindle unlimited and that's available through that. But thanks! Have you read it yet?


Oooh. You're welcome ^.^. Nope, haven't read it yet. Might read it next month though since it's going to be one of I.B.C's books of the month in February.


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