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Short Story Sunday

It's finally that time of year again where the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas begin to sprinkle themselves upon people, stores, festivities, etc. Hope everyone had a great Halloween over the weekend! Next up: Thanksgiving !

Onto Short Story Sunday now! Today's featured novella is The Forgers by Bradford Morrow. You can purchase it from Barnes & Noble here and from here. Also, currently has a book giveaway for The Forgers by Bradford Morrow. Visit this page for the book giveaway. Scroll down the page and you will see an "Enter to win" button. Good luck to all who enter!

Synopsis: The rare book world is stunned when a reclusive collector, Adam Diehl, is found on the floor of his Montauk home: hands severed, surrounded by valuable inscribed books and original manuscripts that have been vandalized beyond repair. Adam's sister, Meghan, and her lover, Will-a convicted if unrepentant literary forger-struggle to come to terms with the seemingly incomprehensible murder. But when Will begins receiving threatening handwritten letters, seemingly penned by long-dead authors, but really from someone who knows secrets about Adam's death and Will's past, he understands his own life is also on the line-and attempts to forge a new beginning for himself and Meg. In The Forgers, Morrow reveals the passion that drives collectors to the razor-sharp edge of morality, brilliantly confronting the hubris and mortal danger of rewriting history with a fraudulent pen. 



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