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Interview With HA Fortman

Please welcome HA Fortman! She is a new sci-fi romance author to the book world. Now is as good a time as any to check out her work since her first book was published this year. Chasing Constellations, the first book of the USG Constellation series, is sure to please those who prefer to read shorter length books such as novellas as well since Chasing Constellations is only around 163 pages long.

Without further ado here is the fresh and new author, Mrs. Fortman, with her answers to our inquisitive questions.

Insomnia Book Club [I.B.C]: Your first book was made available during August of this year. Have the emotions over that died out or do you find yourself still filled with the same emotions over it?

Fortman: My emotions are still all over the place with my first book. It seems surreal to have finally followed my dream and start writing, and each little milestone is a huge success for me, even the negative ones. In fact, just yesterday I was told that I am an international bestseller of Science Fiction Romance on Amazon! I had no idea, and would be completely oblivious had some other author friends not told me!

I.B.C: Chasing Constellations is of the sci-fi romance genre. Would you prefer to continue writing in that genre with possible future books or have you ever thought of writing a different genre of book(s) as well?

Fortman: I have a few plot ideas for some Paranormal books, but they are sitting on the back burner for the time being until I get more of the UGS Constellation books done. So yes, I do plan on writing in some other genres.

I.B.C: What made you decide to start writing Chasing Constellations?

Fortman: I was at a Facebook party where one of my favorite authors (SE Smith) was hosting a one hour block. She was generous enough to post an "Ask me anything" comment. I took the plunge and asked if she had any advice for an aspiring author. She answered with a "talk to me after the hour is up", and then proceeded to not only call me and talk to me about it, but to continue to give help and advice whenever I need it!

I.B.C: All authors, new and old, receive bad reviews and comments on their books at some point. How do you handle a bad review or comment as a new author?

Fortman: I'm a worrier, and I honestly prepared myself for no one to like my book. I remember telling my husband, "I'll be happy if I just recoup the costs of the covers for each book." Yes, I have a gamut of good and bad reviews. I take each of the good ones with squeals of delight, and the bad ones with a head tilt. I go through and read them, then I will use them as a learning tool to improve book two. If I can, I leave a comment back (or read the comments left by others) for clarification.

I.B.C: Who is your favorite author and why?

Fortman: This is always a difficult question, there are so many fabulous writers that I one-click without even reading the book descriptions!

Sherrilyn Kenyon: I love her Dark Hunter's Series and her League series. I was raised on Sci Fi and Fantasy books. They have a great storyline and a fantastic believability that just calls to you.
SE Smith: I love her Dragonlords of Valdier. The characters and plot twists keep me reading them over and over again. She's often made me cry because her books pull at my emotions.

I.B.C: With the holidays upon us, do you prefer Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Fortman: I prefer Thanksgiving, honestly. Although Christmas is a close third! My ultimate holiday is Halloween, I love seeing all of the creative costumes kids come up with! My extended family usually always gets together for Thanksgiving or Christmas, usually that time right between the two, and then we will head over to my husband's family between Christmas and New Year. It's a great time to reconnect, have wonderful food, and just spend time with those that are too far away to see on a regular basis.


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