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Appreciate Readers and Nonreaders Alike

It has come to my attention more and more that a lot of people who love to read look down upon those who dislike reading in general or dislike reading as much as they do. I am only saying this because it is important and needs to be said. Whether you enjoy to read or not it does not nor will it ever make you a bad person. Thinking badly of a person just because they don't share the same enjoyment of reading that you do is the same thing as another person thinking badly of you just because you do read. Please remember that reading does not make anyone better than anyone else. For some reading may be a part of them while for others something else may be a part of them. Hurting someone due to their dislike of reading is wrong and hurtful. Before reading became a "trend" there were plenty of people that made fun of others for reading. Don't become that type of person. What truly matters is a person's heart, not what one of their hobbies are. If you are one of those people who do think badly of others for not taking the same enjoyment that you do in books then please take the time to think about this post. What you do is your own choice. All that I ask is that you at least think about it. There is always time to change your thoughts on something if you choose to do so. Again, it is your choice.

Take care, Bookworms, and as always Happy Reading!


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