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Fire Wind Book Review & Weird Westerns

Have any of you ever heard of a book genre or sub-genre called weird westerns? Not long ago I found out that there is possibly such a thing and there is even a group for it on; Weird Westerns. The people in the group are friendly as well.

I read a book once called Wanted: Dead or Undead by Angela Scott. It would definitely fit into that category of weird westerns. Recently I read Fire Wind by Guy Stanton III. At first I was kind of iffy because I haven't read a non-romance novel/novella in a very, very long time. With that said, the book was a definite hit in my opinion!

Here's my review of Fire Wind on

What can one say about this book? There were times of being unsure of what direction exactly the story was going to take and there was plenty to hold interest. The ending had quite a twist to it. It was good to finally find out what happened with the main character's wife. So much went on in the book that I "almost" forgot about wanting to know that part of the main character's story

This is without a doubt a very well written book and the author has a wonderful talent. It actually felt like you were watching a western movie with not so western pieces to the plot rather than reading it. The descriptions were hit right on the head of a nail with a hammer. Side characters along with the main character were adored.
It was sad to read about the original Pastor in the series but everything turned out well enough with the new Pastor it seemed. The ending most definitely left me wanting to read more of this series.

Agent S5: Jaydan Winner Announcements!

It's time for the announcement of the winners of the book Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn! Drumroll please.... *drumroll*

And the winners are....

::opens envelope::  ....Suzie Johnson won the paperback copy of Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn!

::opens next envelope::  ....Brooke Bumgardner won the e-book copy of Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn!

Congratulations to both Suzie and Brooke! I hope that you both enjoy your books! Let us know how you are enjoying them ^.^.

Book Covers - What Are Your Thoughts?

So, I noticed a couple comments in a group that I belong to on about book covers. It was about how a lot of romance novels now seem to use the same generic type of book cover, a muscular male without a shirt on. That brought up an interesting topic in my head for Insomnia Book Club. What are your thoughts, bookworms? Are too many romance novels obsessed with using the same non-artsy book covers with a topless male on the cover or not? If so, would you rather see more artsy book covers for romance novels?

Personally speaking, I've noticed the overuse of the shirtless males on book covers. Sometimes it really does go with the theme of the book but other times it seems like a lot of book covers are just copying off of one another. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Surprise My Pet - Pet Freebie

This post isn't anything book related but thought I would share just the same.

So, the other day I happened along a website for people who have pets. It looks like the pets would be cats and dogs since there is a cat and a dog on the website's icon. The website is called Surprise My Pet. The way it works is you get a referral link (it's free to sign up, by the way) and for every so many people that sign up via your referral link your pet will get something in the mail. When I signed up I got a free sample (not sure of what it is yet since I just signed up recently).

Here's what the website states that you receive:

5 referrals = premium dog treat
10 referrals = premium dog bone and toy
20 referrals = first monthly surprise box for free (2 - 3 treats, toys and other supplies)
40 referrals = three months of surprise box for free (2 -3 treats, toys and other supplies)

My referral link:

Introducing Insomnia Book Club's 2015 Reading Challenge!

Kicking off this month for the new year is a 2015 reading challenge! All are welcome to participate. The yearly reading challenge is especially helpful if you're stuck in a rut with reading and not really sure of what to read next. As the year goes along simply complete each task in Insomnia Book Club's 2015 Reading Challenge. Feel free to post and discuss the books you're reading for the challenge in the comments section of this post or here within the group on

Ready? Set. Read!

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Agent S5: Jaydan - A Tie Amongst Favorites

Finished up Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn the other night. My favorite books in this series, The D.I.R.E Agency, have always been tied with the second and third book but now Mrs. Hahn has gone and written another book that has me unable to choose between three favorites with the addition of Agent S5: Jaydan.

Agent S5: Jaydan definitely doesn't leave out what the rest of the books in the series have. Action, suspense and romance. If you've read the previous book, Agent M4: Riordan, then you might have your doubts about the heroine in Agent S5: Jaydan. Rest assured though that the heroine is definitely a really good heroine to read about!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn, Bookworms, if you haven't already. There's only one week left to enter! In order to enter be sure to comment on the giveaway post by clicking here.

Burned by Karen Marie Morning Upcoming Release Date

The release date for the 7th book in the Fever series, Burned, by Karen Marie Morning is coming up. It will be released January 20th. currently has a giveaway for Burned. You can enter the giveaway here.

 Burned (Fever #7) by Karen Marie Morning
It’s easy to walk away from lies. Power is another thing.

MacKayla Lane would do anything to save the home she loves. A gifted sidhe-seer, she’s already fought and defeated the deadly Sinsar Dubh—an ancient book of terrible evil—yet its hold on her has never been stronger.
When the wall that protected humans from the seductive, insatiable Fae was destroyed on Halloween, long-imprisoned immortals ravaged the planet. Now Dublin is a war zone with factions battling for control. As the city heats up and the ice left by the Hoar Frost King melts, tempers flare, passions run red-hot, and dangerous lines get crossed. Seelie and Unseelie vie for power against nine ancient immortals who have governed Dublin for millennia; a rival band of sidhe-seers invades the city, determined to claim it for their own; Mac’s former protégé and best friend, Dani “Mega” O’Malley, is now her fierce enemy; and even more urgent, Highland druid Christian MacKeltar has been captured by the Crimson Hag and is being driven deeper into Unseelie madness with each passing day. The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.

It’s a world where staying alive is a constant struggle, the line between good and evil gets blurred, and every alliance comes at a price. In an epic battle against dark forces, Mac must decide who she can trust, and what her survival is ultimately worth.

Lucky Day Book Giveaway! - Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn

Great news, Bookworms! In the past I.B.C interviewed Joni Hahn, author of The D.I.R.E Agency series. Due to that Mrs. Hahn is being very generous and kind, allowing I.B.C to do a book giveaway for her latest book release, Agent S5: Jaydan, the 5th book in The D.I.R.E Agency series. One lucky winner will receive a print copy of Agent S5: Jaydan while another lucky winner will receive an e-book copy. Winners will be chosen at random. The giveaway is open to both United States and international residents. If you have any questions feel free to comment or e-mail I.B.C at

Book Giveaway Rules:
  • One entry per person.
  • Comment on this post with your interest in entering the giveaway.
  • Your comment/entry must include your e-mail address. (For those who do not wish to leave an e-mail address in a comment due to privacy reasons simply send an e-mail to with the best e-mail address to contact you at as well as the name/username that your comment/entry is posted as)

The giveaway begins today, January 7th, and will end on January 21st. A total of two weeks. Winners will be chosen and e-mailed on January 22nd. Soon after the winners will be announced on I.B.C's blog.

Good luck to everyone! Since the contest starts today on January 7th, hopefully the lucky number of seven will bring two of you some great luck!

Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn

Agent  S5:  Jaydan  Rose

• Former  D.I.R.E.  Enemy  Agent
• D.I.R.E.  Double  Agent

• Muscle  Acceleration/Strength

Now  that  he’s  part  of  the  D.I.R.E.  Agency’s  elite  squad  of  super-­‐powered  agents,
Jaydan  Rose  is  walking  the  straight  and  narrow.   He  absolutely,  positively  avoids
three  things:   high-­‐maintenance  women,  trouble,  and  Hope  Powers.   

Days  away  from  his  estranged  brother’s  wedding,  Jaydan  gets  a  lead  on  the  missing
sister-­‐in-­‐law  of  Riordan  “Saint”  St.  James,  a  fellow  agent.   If  he  can  locate  her,
perhaps  he  can  make  up  for  not  being  there  when  Saint  had  needed  him  most.

As  the  only  daughter  of  one  of  the  richest  men  in  the  world,  and  with  a  special
power  of  her  own,  Hope  Powers  wants  to  be  taken  seriously.    If  she  can  prove  the
D.I.R.E.  Agency  needs  her  new  software  application,  she’ll  have  the  credibility  and
position  she  craves.

When  she  threatens  to  search  for  the  missing  woman  with  or  without  him,  Jaydan’s
conscience  compels  him  to  take  her.     However,  when  danger  and  close  quarters
prove  too  much  for  their  passion,  Jaydan  knows  his  list  of  things  he  absolutely,
positively  avoids  has  just  disintegrated.  

When  their  quest  uncovers  scandalous  secrets  and  decades  old  dangers,  they  realize
they’ve  stumbled  onto  something  bigger  than  themselves.    While  the  lines  of  reality
and  imitation  become  blurred,  a  psychotic  maniac  makes  plans  for  Hope.  
Will  Jaydan’s  past  rear  its  ugly  head  and  destroy  them  both,  or  does  history  have
plans  of  its  own?

Look  for  these  other  books  in  the  D.I.R.E.  Agency  Series  available  now:

Book  1  –  Agent  I1:  Tristan
Book  2  –  Agent  E2:  Aidan
Book  3  –  Agent  T3:  d’Artagnan
Book  4  –  Agent  M4:  Riordan

**** For a limited time only the boxset of books 1 - 3 in e-book format are available on for .99 cents here!


“Les,  why  is  your  father  calling  me?”
Shutting  her  eyes  against  the  dread  that  settled  in  her  chest,  she  groaned  to  herself.  She
couldn’t  open  that  door.  If  she  did,  she’d  make  a  complete  fool  of  herself. 
Walking  over  to  the  dresser,  she  checked  her  phone.  Three  missed  calls  and  a  text.  Her
father  must’ve  checked  his  DNA  tracker  and  realized  she  was  in  Hawaii. 
Looking  at  the  door,  she  spoke  in  a  raised  voice.  “Um,  I’m  not  sure.  Why  don’t  you  call  him
Jaydan  chuckled  in  the  hallway.  “You  didn’t  tell  him  you  were  coming  to  Hawaii,  did  you?”
Swallowing  hard,  she  gave  her  chin  a  determined  tilt.  “I  don’t  report  my  whereabouts  to  my
father.  I’m  not  a  child.”
His  sardonic  chuckle  angered  her.
Storming  over  to  the  door,  she  told  herself  she  had  to  remember  this.  During  those  smokin’
hot  visions,  she  had  to  conjure  up  this  memory  and  the  dozens  like  it  she’d  experienced  in  the
“Hell  princess,  you  –“
She  whipped  open  the  door  to  arms’  length.  Jaydan  stood  naked  in  her  doorway,  save  for  a
pair  of  gray,  athletic  shorts  that  hung  low  on  his  hips.  Water  droplets  hung  from  his  dark,  wavy
hair  and  dotted  his  broad  shoulders.  His  arms  and  shoulders  looked  huge,  the  angles  and  braids
of  muscle  sharp  rather  than  round,  the  sinew  dense  and  inflexible  rather  than  pliant  flesh.  His
sculpted  torso  was  covered  in  hard,  ridged  muscles  with  a  light  dusting  of  dark  hair.  He  smelled
of  rosewood  and  jasmine,  his  copper  and  gold  armbands  branding  him  a  masculine  god.
Now,  she  understood  his  cougar-­‐like  grace,  his  confident  saunter.  No  man  on  earth  could
call  himself  cut  as  long  as  Jaydan  Rose  walked  around.  He  epitomized  the  term.
His  eyes  swirled  with  dark  desire,  their  focus  on  her  chest.  Glancing  down,  she  saw  her  robe
gaped  open,  exposing  the  cleavage  between  her  breasts. 
She  should  cover  herself.  Close  the  door  and  walk  away.  Yet,  she  stood  there,  allowing  him
his  fill  while  she  took  her  fill  of  him.  The  sensation  started  deep  inside,  her  mind  recalling  the
vision,  her  body  readying  itself  for  him.
There  was  more  than  one  way  to  prove  she  wasn’t  a  child.
With  a  hesitant  reach,  she  feathered  her  fingers  down  the  ridges  of  his  abdomen.  The
muscles  contracted  beneath  her  touch,  rippling  behind  her  caress  in  a  symphony  of  sensuality. 
His  half  smile  made  her  toes  curl,  his  voice  a  husky  croon.   “My  turn.”

Purchase your copy of Agent S5: Jaydan from any of these places:

Shark Shifter Series

So, I recently started reading the first book to a shifter series, Touching Paradise by Cleo Peitsche. I came across it for the kindle because the first e-book to the series is free for download. The cover looks like your typical cliche romance and or shifter romance book cover, minus the shark. 

First off, I love sharks but the idea of a shark shifter book series in the romance genre nonetheless did seem a bit far fetched so to speak as to whether or not it would actually be good. I kept going back to that e-book a few times before finally caving and downloading it. So the journey of reading it had finally started. I opened up the e-book and began to read through a tiny bit of the beginning of it. It seemed like it wasn't going to be THAT bad and that it could actually be an okay book. What was the point of reading something that didn't seem like it was going to be any good in the first place? Well, my curiosity got the best of me just because of the simple fact that the book has shark(s) in it. So, a little more into reading and what do you know.... not only is the plot holding my interest but the "shark shifter" part of things is actually good! 

I definitely recommend Touching Paradise to anyone who is into shifter romance books and who wouldn't mind taking a plunge into trying a "shark" shifter romance series. All of the e-books are on the shorter side, the assuming last one in the series and third one is the longest one running about 151 pages in length.

January's Books of the Month

January's books of the month are Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn and Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay. Send in your confessions to and or join in the discussions on the group.

Also, there are two polls up to vote on which books of the month you plan on reading if any. The web poll can be visited here and the poll for I.B.C can be found here.

Note: If you would like your confessions to remain anonymous be sure to mention it when sending in confessions.

Love Without Boundaries Released - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Bookworms! May this coming year be prosperous in many different aspects of your lives.

To start off the new year let's give a big congratulations to the last author that I.B.C interviewed, Michelle Howard! Love Without Boundaries, an anthology, was released December 21st. The anthology includes the following authors: Michelle Howard, MK Eidem and JA Hornbuckle. The genre that it falls in is sci-fi romance and the page length of it runs about 298 pages long. Be sure to get your copy of the e-book from here!

Oryon - MK Eidem

The historic meeting of the Assemble of Lords has adjourned and the Empire is chaos. Lord Oryon must now return home and try to explain to his remaining Warriors just how their universe has changed. House Rigel is about to be transformed and as it is, dark and long held secrets are revealed that threaten not only the House but the love between Oryon and Isis.

Mating Urge - Michelle Howard

Desperate to escape her stepfather and false criminal charges, Elliana Cage needed a way out fast.  It made perfect sense to sneak onboard the first ship departing her home world.  When her path crosses with a handsome stranger, she’s in for the surprise of her life.
Aran T'Kar didn't expect to discover a beautiful woman hiding out on the Zanian IX.  Protocol dictates immediate detainment, but Aran can't resist the urge to take one forbidden taste.

Mate Quest - JA Hornbuckle

-Begin Transmission-
To: Quest Council
From: Bronsyn Llent, Quest Commander

The Mission: To travel to small blue planet, to seek and secure females in order to mate and repopulate our dying worlds.

The Timeframe: One half of Earth’s rotation around its Sun.

Resources Available: Earth’s worldwide web (also known as the Internet)

Conclusion to Date: Original plan too simplistic in not anticipating the independent minds and lifestyles of human females. Most complications experienced seem to result from this unforeseen circumstance. New strategy needed to ensure success.

-End Transmission-