Insomnia Book Club

A place for book lovers of any genre.

Welcome to the new blog home spot for Insomnia Book Club! Our original location was on but seems to work out much better for the blog.

For those of you that are new to Insomnia Book Club, book lovers of all genres are welcome to join. Whether you're a night owl with reading or not feel free to venture into I.B.C. Our features include author interviews, short story sundays, books of the month, etc. All of these topics and many more, both books related and non-books related, can be discussed on the forum here.

There are two books of the month and while it is encouraged to read at least one of them reading the books of the month is always optional, never forced.

Insomnia Book Club's (or I.B.C) forum is a recent addition. If you or anyone else you know likes to read then please drop by for a visit.

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