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Happy Halloween! - E-book Freebie Friday

Happy Halloween fellow bookworms!
Hope all of you are having a fun and frightful holiday. Just remember to also stay safe as well. Don't forget the candy apples and popcorn balls!

For the marathon of spooky featured books today's final book is *drum roll* Mayhem in Christmas River by Meg Muldoon. It is a cozy mysteries book that is around 186 pages long, so it's also short enough for those readers who just can't seem to stay still for a War and Peace length book! Download a copy of Mayhem in Christmas River from here.

Synopsis: It's July in Christmas River, and the temperature isn't the only thing flaring out of control.

After a fire destroys her best friend's ornament shop, pie baker extraordinaire Cinnamon Peters soon discovers that the blaze was no accident.

Just days before the annual Christmas River in July Parade and Play, it becomes clear that a maniac is roaming the tourist-packed streets of Christmas River.

And he's got a flair for the dramatic.

Will Cinnamon and her sheriff's deputy boyfriend find out who's behind the blaze before the rest of the town goes up in flames?


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